We are like-minded friends from hinterlands now well positioned in life formed a group in 2006 and started serving the Poor & Talented youth financially to continue their education. At present 36 such graduates in various fields are supported .

Later on this group formed a registered trust under the name Sneha Hasthaalu (Reg No : BK IV , 324/11-12) on March 2012 with the main objective of empowering the rural youth through education and skill developments and also obtained approval U/S 80(G) of the Income Tax Act.

Snehahastaalu organizations motto is providing feasible education to all the children from rural areas. Our organization met this objective by adopting 92 primary/upper primary schools with total strength of 5000 students from rural areas of Guntur, Krishna and Vishakapatnam Districts from A.P. We adopt education methodology developed by SIKSHANA (http://www.sikshana.org/), which has been active for more than 15 years and has been working for same cause. We provided educational materials like notebooks, text books etc.; as well as bags, uniforms and gifts on special occasions to all these 5000 students from 92 primary/upper primary schools in rural area.

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Our Recent Activities

Sneha Hasthaalu 2014 Teachers Day Celebrations

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